•1973 born in Forbach(France)

•1979-93 grown up in Lübeck, Germany

violin, piano lessons, choir, big band, several jazz bands, …and arts

•1993-94 Arnhem, The Netherlands

beginning jazz piano studies

•1995-97 Cologne, Germany

w pop band  "Sister Orange", 1 newcomer award

•97-00 Arnhem, finishing studies,

teachers, mentors: Rob vd Broek, Robert Jan Vermeueln, Frank Peters,

         Martin Fondse, Rene Cremers, Joop v Erven, Jerry v Rooyen

00-03 Messiaen Academie: Arrangement, composition, classical piano

•since Summer 03 in Berlin

piano lessons and several jazz bands, some like


Dietz (feat Steffen Faul, Rui Faustino, Nu Shitzu)

Niko Schabel Quintet

Sofajazz (w Olliver Schlüter, Beni Reimann)

Finkophon Unlimited, (feat Frank Heibert, Roland Fidezius, Beni Reimann)

Rosy Rosenfeld (w Ron Spielman, Marcel Kroemker, Michael Kersting)

Daphne Fiedler, chanson

Phantomaskese (w Thomas Zwerger)

Norbert Hartmann Quintet

Bonaire Jazz Festival 2011 Session Band (best fun)

Jive Park Swing Band

         Doc Blue And The Charlies

Frank Frai Alchemy (w Beni Reimann, Robert Genssler, Niko Lippolis, nominated for Bremer Jazzpreis 2012)

Free Units (w Frank Frai)


        Die Halbe Miete (w Paul Schwingenschlögl, Jan Roder)

        Thomas Finke Trio (w Robert Genssler, Nico Lippolis)

        Touchdown (w Lutz Fussangel; Piotr Rodowicz, Ria)

        Hard Jazz (w Hanno Schmidt, dms)

…and a lot of computer works (daw electrojazz, realbasic/xojo, flash, reaktor)

•2011-2013 Working on "THO-X", reaktor-based cellular harmonic system


Piano teachers: Rob van den Broek, Robert Jan Vermeulen, Frank Peters, Peter Nohr

Influences: Jarrett, Corea, Zawinul, Django Bates, Aaron Copland, Clara Haskil,Wayne Krantz, Bad Plus, E.S.T, Coltrane, Matthew Herbert, Rubalcaba,  Monk, J.C. (John Cage)…Jean Tinguely, Rebecca Horn, don‘t ask me tomorrow

(photo: 2008©Frank Frai)



I`m a graduated piano teacher and performer (diploma) with a "license" to play, arrange, compose, whatever. (…).

After studies, I found my affinity to computers, DAW electro music as well as programming and construction tools like Flash and Reaktor. Finally, and luckiliy, preventing further rectangled eyes, I didn‘t switched to another job, and I am completely back to acoustic music these days.